Lucy & Co.

My dogs are my furchildren. They all have their own personalities and quirks about them. Lucy is just lazy and spoiled, Lola is like a rebellious teenager, Mandy thinks she’s the queen of everything, and Lucky is almost completely blind and deaf so she has no idea what’s going on 95% of the time.

Two years ago I was introduced to a litter of miniature daschunds and I immediatley latched on to the small brown one with the floppy feet. She stood out to me because she was timid and scared. We took her home and babied her until she finally felt at home.






Lucy & her partner in crime, Lola







Lucky has been apart of my stepdad’s family for fourteen years now (( ! )). She was found at the pound, just a small, meek, black furball. She is an old woman in dog years now. Mandy was rescued by the police at a home she was being abused at. We took her in from a family friend knowing that if she were to be brought to the pound, she would very likely be put down considering she’s part Chow. Lola is my stepsister’s dog and was brought into our family shortly before Lucy. I love her but I have never met a more stubborn, self-righteous dog in my life.

Regardless of how stubborn, lazy, messy, and down-right loud they can be, they complete our family and I adore them.


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