My First Letter to Ariane

A few days ago I recieved a pamphlet of information telling me all about Ariane and her family. These are the challenges her and her family face living in the Philippines:

“Ariane lives in the coastal community of Sorsogon City, home to approximately 150,000 residents. Typical houses are construced of dirt floors, bamboo walls and thatch roofs. The regional diet consists of maize, fish, bread, cassava, and rice. Common health problems in this area include coughs, colds, fevers, and flu. Most adults in Sorsogon City work as day laborers and earn the equivalent of $100 per month.”

With a sponsorhip she is provided with “Bible teaching, exercises, dental and medical checkups, field trips, nutritious food, tutoring, school fees, and school supplies.”

 Inside the pamphlet was a custom sheet of stationary for me to use as my very first letter. Because she speaks a different language, I have to send all of my letters to the Compassion Headquarters in Colorado for them to translate. I wrote a small message to her saying I was delighted to meet her and continue our relationship. Then, on the back of the stationary, was a place to write my favorite scripture. This is what I wrote:

Regardless of what your beliefs are, this verse is lovely in and of itself. After I finished I tucked a photo of myself inside, kissed it for good luck, and mailed it off. For now, I will anxiously await her reply.


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