Awkward Me

1. I collect fortune cookie slips, elephants, movie tickets, and concert stubs.

2. I HATE washing my hair. It’s not healthy to wash it everyday anyway.

3. I have a phobia of raw meat, airplanes, drowning, and choking.

4. I hate tea. Except the green kind.

5. I can almost guarentee I have a bigger sweet tooth than you.

6.  I hate anything pink or animal print. Ta-cky.

7. I am borderline OCD about germs.

8. I. Can. Not. Stand. Country.

9. I played violin for 6 years, stopped my Sophomore year and haven’t touched it since.

10. I have two visible birthmarks, both of which I dislike. However, I wouldn’t get rid of them if I had the chance.

11. I hate when my ankle bones or my knee caps touch each other. Gross!

12. I used to be a pac rat, now I just want to throw/give away EVERYTHING.

13. I will clean someone else’s entire house before I have the motivation to clean my own.

14. I would never ever ever go into space if I had the opportunity. Not a chance.

15. I used to have 3 lizards (Anoles, technically) and 4 teeny tree frogs. And then they all died…

16. I LOVE any and all types of vegetables and fruits.

17. The only award I ever got in elementary school was “Best Handwriting”. Oh, and the participation ribbons from field day. <Lame.

18. I have a list of names for my “future children” even though I don’t want kids.

19. I hate hate hate roses. They smell gross and they’re too cliché.

20. I’m horrible at making new friends.

21. I have a seperate accent that I speak in depending on which friend I am talking to.

22. I hate rollercoasters.

23. I have no desire to watch or read anything that has to do with Harry Potter. I know, sue me.

24. I can pop my neck, shoulders, fingers, back, hips, wrists and toes. So gross, I know.

I don’t like odd numbers so I’m stopping here.

 If you’re still reading…congratulations! Here’s some cute aminals to look at


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