Fun Fridays

This Friday I visited my dad and sister Emme. Her and I played and played for hours and then she gave my dad and me a concert. This is a video of her singing “Don’t Stop Believin'” by Journey. Adorable, no?

Later I met up with my boyfriend and went downtown to see what new, interesting things we could find. We stopped at Mead’s Corner and had delicious Gingerbred Gelato. YUM!

Then we stopped at a thrift store just down the street. One of my absolute favorite hobbies of course! My boyfriend is the sweetest when it comes to these things. He never complains and always convinces me that he’s paying attention, even if he’s not.

“Hey! Look at that ring! Isn’t it awesome?!”

“Yeah! That’s actually really pretty!”

Sometimes when I realize I’m being “that girl” I tell him to go be a man for awhile whilst I scour.

I even found a dress for $2.98! Just needs a little lovin’ and it’ll be good as new!

Happy weekend!


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