Blitz Blueberries Bliss

Yesterday and today have treated me so well.

Yesterday my brother came in town ((EEP!)) and we had a family dinner. Then my boyfriend helped me photograph all of the things I have chosen to put on my Ebay (many thanks to you, Matthew!). (In the previous post I mentioned something about selling through Amazon, but I have decided to go through Ebay instead!). I have the site set up. The only thing left is to add the products! So far, I have lots of books, clothes, jewlery, shoes, and one guy’s shirt (throughout time I will be adding MANY more items for guys). Here are just a few of the items I will be listing:

And many more where those come from! Today was amazing as well and it’s not even over yet! First of all, I slept in. Which I NEVER do. ((small detail but it was so nice!)) Then my brother and I went to visit my Aunt and Uncle and their two kids. I’m not sure if they know this but they are the most kindhearted, amazing people I have ever had the privilege of meeting. They are like my second parents. And their kids are so rad!

S/n: you might be wondering about the title of this post. Today we played a game called “Blitz”. ((SO much fun!)) Then we had the most amazing blueberry crisp ((seriously, the best in the world)).

Today was sweet, sweet bliss.

And if that’s not enough, here’s a video of my cousin Micaela and my Uncle David dancing to “Party Rock” on Just Dance! Greatest Dad of the year award?! I think yes!




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