Things & Stuff

I have my Ebay account set up! Eek! The only downfall was that I was only able to list ten items (as of now) until I get a high customer approval rating and then I can start to add more items. One or more of the items I posted in my previous post may not be listed on the site. Just click this to visit my store:

What’s That Story on Ebay!

I have some exciting new posts coming! They include

-Frugal Buying (I think everyone can stand to be a bit more frugal these days!)

-Dress DIY (includes a $3 dress I found and how I re-vamped it!)


-Warped Tour 2012 (SO EXCITED!)

-Danielle’s Air Force Graduation

and many more!

And for boredom’s sake…here are a list of my favorite things lately…


Tin cans- They’re so unique and beautiful! Plus, everyone could use more storage!


Freddy’s-Their veggie burgers are so yummy it’s a sin!


These photography apps- a great way to make your photos look even better.


This peanut butter- Oh, lord this peanut butter. It’s so good I could eat it by the spoonful (okay, I’m guilty of doing this already). It’s THAT good.


This Etsy store– She sells the cutest vintage clothes, jewelry, shoes, and random other items

Happy Sunday!


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