Warped Tour 2012

It was that time of year again, to pack summer clothes and sunscreen and head off to Bonner Springs for the biggest, most anticipated concert of the year…Warped Tour. This year marks my third time going and it’s only gotten better every year. The set list always varies year to year so you never know who to anticipate but they never fail to impress.

My boyfriend/best friend and I packed up and headed out on Sunday afternoon. The playlist on the way up? Walk The Moon. I am so completely and utterly obsessed and smitten and every other word I can’t think of right now with this band it’s ridiculous (Seriously, check them out). For the sake of being annoying, I sprinkled in The Killers, Flo. and the Machine, and Band of Horses so my boyfriend wouldn’t go crazy listening to the same songs six times.

We arrived at the hotel and had dinner with our friend Alan and Matt’s sister and dad. We laughed until our sides hurt and then some.”Is he a dot indian or a feather indian?”

The next morning we were up and ready. We downed our breakfast full of carbs and protein and headed off. In the past couple of years the weather during Warped Tour has always been brutal. I’m talking 110 degrees, brutal. This year was different. The high was 91 and the sky was overcast almost the entire time. Fantastic? YES.

Every year I anticipate Warped Tour more and more because to all of us enthusiasts, it’s home. We’re all gathered for the same reason, the music. No matter what you wear or how you look you are never judged. Despite the number of people there, we are a family. I have never felt so instantly connected to complete strangers, it’s like we all have an understanding of each other and from that comes respect. There’s nothing more powerful than standing in a crowd of people who are moving and singing to the same music in unison.

After nine hours of amazing music it was over. We all went to Ihop for the traditional “breakfast after a concert” meal. Almost everyone around us had come from Warped and we all cheered in unison about it.

The end is always bittersweet because you know you have to wait another full year to go back. So the count down begins…only 364 more days until next year!


Mayday Parade

Motionless In White

Of Mice & Men


We Are Warped


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