My Airman

This girl. My best friend for six years, my partner in clap-dancing, my Gladys, my workout partner (well, for a few days at least. . .), my airman, my hero. She’s humble, smart, selfless, and kind. She’s everything a best friend should be, and then some.

In the past six days I’ve been on the road for 25 hours, and not without good reason. In my most recent post I wrote about going to Warped Tour. I was home for 24 hours after that and then packed up again and headed for San Antonio. The occasion? Danielle’s BMT graduation. The ten hour drive was more than worth it. During the first part of the graduation (the coin ceremony) her parents, her friend Matt, my mom, and I stood by the bleachers waiting and waiting for them to finish. As soon as they said we could come forward to greet our airman, we ran. Literally. When her parents “tapped her out” the look on her face was priceless. In the six years I’ve known her I’ve never seen her cry. That day there were waterfalls and it was beautiful.

We spent every minute with her that we could and soaked it all in. And now I will take the time to explain to all of you just how awesome this gal’s parents are. Her mom is from England (which makes her twice as awesome with that accent), and her dad is just as great. I haven’t laughed that hard in months. It made for a good ab workout. We laughed until we almost cried, and then ate, and ate some more.

Did I mention the 3 lb. cinnamon roll that we destroyed?! Best. Breakfast. Ever. ((And no, we didn’t finish it all. But “Man vs. Food” did!))

She tried teaching me how to stand at attention, I couldn’t keep a straight face. She also tried to show me how to wear her hat appropriately and I couldn’t do that either. I guess some of us just aren’t cut out for the job.

Danielle, we’re all so proud of you. This is only the beginning but I know you’ll accomplish nothing but great things. Thank you for serving our country, Gladys. Congratulations, G. . .you made it! You’re the best bench on the block.




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