A Cheap Peek

Everyone who is close to me knows just how obsessed I am with clothes and shoes. It’s an issue. BUT, I like to think it’s not because over half of my wardrobe is second hand. I’d rather buy from a thrift store or garage sale before I’d ever step foot in the mall because I’m THAT cheap.


Dress: Goodwill, $4


(Altered) Shirt:Value Center, $3


Shirt & (Altered) Shorts: Goodwill, $4 each


Shirt: Goodwill, $3


Dress: Value Center, $4


(Altered) Shorts: New Finds Thrift Store, $3. Shirt: Goodwill, $2

(From top to bottom) Shoes: Garage sale, $1. Sandals: Pacsun, $6. Striped shirt: Etsy.com, $12. Jean shorts: Plato’s closet, $10. Canvas embroidered dress: Antique store in Lawrence, $30. Patterned dress: Plato’s closet, $10. (Altered) Blue Dress: Value Center, $3.

If you haven’t thrifted before, try it! It’s exciting because you never (ever) know what to expect. AND, you won’t be broke when you’re done.

Happy Thriftin’! (:


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