Word Vomit

Because I’m sure you have nothing better to do, I decided to enrich you with my thoughts as of late. Basically, the following post is word vomit.

Random thought #1: WHY are we so obsessed with celebrities in this country?! They’re human beings that happen to entertain us and make a lot of money from it. Every. Single. Day. I check the news on Yahoo and there’s at LEAST five stories at any given time about “how big of a bill Lindsey Lohan racked up at a hotel” or “how Katie Holmes’ daughter learned to ride a bike” or even “what the Teen Mom star’s futures look like”. NO ONE CARES. And if you do, please pick up your priorities and put them in the right order.

Random Thought #2: The good always die young. When you think about it, most (important) figures in history who had the potential to alter this world into a better place left it way too early. John Lennon, Martin Luther King Jr., Bob Marley, John F. Kennedy, Oscar Wilde, etc. They were on the path to greatness. They had so many ideas and such incredible potential to change the course of history. Some of them succeded, but they could’ve gone on to achieve so much more.

Random thought #3: What is time? Does it really exist? If so, can it be defined? Everyone describes it differently. Some would say it is a measurement we follow to keep our lives in order. Some would say it is the rhythm of the universe. I say time is whatever you make it. Forget clocks, days, months, and years. Would we be able to live our lives without “time” or schedules? I can’t even begin to wrap my mind around this concept. The existence of time is beautiful and ugly, exciting and scary, slow and fast, heavy on our hearts and light in our minds, vast and empty, urgent and kind.

Random thought #4: When you call 911 for an emergency, why does the fire truck always come first?

Random thought #5: Being grateful shouldn’t have to be taught but most people just don’t get it. We are so enveloped in our own realities that we are so blind to what goes on around us. We all have issues we have to work through and I’m not saying that you shouldn’t take time to grieve through that but every single day? You’re still alive aren’t you? Every. Single. Day. Is a time to be thankful. I’m alive, I can see and think and feel and touch and taste and smell things, I can walk and talk and speak my mind, I have my health and the ability to accomplish anything in the world. Optimism is a choice and every morning we are given the opportunity to embrace it.

And now I will conclude my spewing of thoughts with random pictures that bring me joy.




People that complete my heart and my world.Image

My lazy and adorable pups.


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