Word Vomit

My thoughts, rants, raves, and word vomit as of late:

1. We are entrepreneurs of our thoughts. This may sound crazy but my friend Samantha and I came up with this theory the other day. I believe every being adapts to emotions differently. Our thoughts and feelings are our own. An entrepreneur creates something and tries to sell that idea. When we try to convince someone of something we are essentially selling our ideas and thoughts to that person. Maybe it’s just me but, I thought it was clever.

2. I haven’t received a letter from Ariane in a long time. That bums me out.

3. I realize more and more everyday just how abundant and plentiful my life is right now. Grateful and full is my heart.

4. I need to practice practice practice photographing. I have started a small collection of cameras including a Canon Rebel, Polaroid, Pinhole (handmade), a Nikon, and a Minolta (which is really my Mom’s but I like to think of it as part of my collection). One goal I am making for myself to accomplish by the end of 2012 is to use every camera I have at least once. I am constantly kicking myself for not bringing my cameras with me more often. I always witness the most beautiful things when I’m camera-less! I’m convinced the universe is against me when it comes to that…

5. This weather can only mean one thing. Picnics.

Photo Vomit:



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