Ariane’s Second Letter

A few days ago I received a letter in the mail from my sponsor child, Ariane! According to the date on her letter, she had written it in August. The two month gap from when she wrote the letter to when it arrived at my house is just an example of how long it takes to communicate with her. Regardless, i still grin like a fool when I get something from her. Her birthday is coming up, October 27th, and I plan to send her a small package. The company provides a list of things I am able/not able to send. Fortunately, they’ve given me enough leeway to come up with something really special for her. Here’s what she wrote to me:

Her native language;

Mahal kong Casey. Salamat po sa sulat mo po sa akin, Masaya po ako dahil po ikaw ang aking sponsor, kumusta na po kayo? Sana po ay nasa mabut po ang kalagayan, niyo po, katatapos ko palang po mag campaign, kasi po kasali po ako sa girls scout, Nasa ika-apat na po akong baitang, palagi po akong may honors. Salamat po, hangang dito na lang po ang aking sulat,


Ariane Mae Q. Pura

(I can’t get over how different her native language is!)



Dear Casey,

Thank you for your letter to me. I am happy because you are my sponsor. How are you? I hope you are in good condition. We just finished our campaign because I joined in girl scouts. I am now in fourth grade level. I always got honors. Thank you, till here my letter.


Ariane Mae Q. Pura

Apparently, I was too giddy to open it correctly.

I can’t wait to send her my love on her birthday. I wish she could read this and know how grateful I am to have her as a part of my life.


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