Currently Lately

Currently my life has been jam-packed with school and work and more school. Free time is rare so when it does come along I fill it with the people, places, and things I love the most. (p.s. break is almost here! My heart is happy)

Lately I’ve: 

Visited the coolest music store in Wichita and got my first guitar! (Pics to come)

Gone trailin’

Hanging out with these lovely people. (p.s. SO glad to have my best friend Danielle back in town! This past summer she graduated from basic training for the airforce [which I wrote about here] then went to tech school and now she’s FINALLY back to visit before she is stationed overseas. Not to mention she surprised me by showing up at my house, I had permagrin.)

Baking! I’ve missed it.


Taking and editing photos whenever I can

Sippin’ drinks and having (numerous) study sessions with this really handsome guy I know 😉



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