Eleven iPhone Photo Apps

FINALLY! I’m on winter break from school and I actually have free time now. That means more blog posts! I’ve been M.I.A. for far too long.

I get asked ALL the time what apps I use to edit my photos with and now I’m finally sharing my (not so secret) secrets! All of these apps can be found in the app store, some are free and some aren’t. The most I’ve spent on a photo editing app is $2.99.

These are the applications I adore and use constantly!


ONE: PicFrame

This app is exactly what it sounds like. Frames for your photos! First you start my picking which style you want, upload your photos, and edit it further if need be.

9      10      11

You can also adjust the width between the two pictures so it looks like a seamless photo.

TWO: Pixlromatic

This app is perfect for layering filters together and adding different lighting effects. It has SO many to choose from!

12     13     30

THREE: Photoshop Express

Photoshop Express is an awesome app for simple editing. The effects aren’t my favorite but it’s perfect for changing the temperature, saturation, exposure/brightness, etc. of a photo. When I take a picture that’s too dark, too blurry, too bright, or not vibrant enough, this is my go-to app.

14     31    32

FOUR: Timercam

This app is also very self-explanatory. For pictures that need to be taken from a distance, I use this app because it gives you 5, 10, and 15 second intervals before the picture is taken. All you have to do is find a stable place for your phone, press the button, and jump in the picture! Here’s an example of a photo I took with the Timercam.


FIVE: Fisheye Pro

I LOVE this app. It’s one of my favorites because I’ve always been a fan of the Fisheye lens. Within the app you can change the style of lens you want to take the picture with (there are three), what type of film to use, and whether or not you want to add a color flash to the photo. The third photo is an example of what color flash can look like.

15       16


SIX: Squaready

This is an app that I probably couldn’t live without. For all of you Instagramer’s, you know that it can be frustrating when you have a perfect picture but you can’t resize it to fit within the square that Instagram provides you. Now you can.

Before resizing:                                                 After resizing:

17    18

On Instagram:


SEVEN: Vsco Cam

The good thing about this app is that it’s super simple. It only has a few filters (all of which are awesome) and a few tools to fix the photo even more (exposure, brightness, vignette, etc.).

19         35

EIGHT: Pictureshow

This is perfect if you want tons of effects to choose from! It can get pretty extensive but the main tools are simple to use. One of my favorite things is the Tilt shift tool (seen in third image). The only bad thing I’ve found with this app is it dilutes the quality of the photo, but it isn’t that noticeable. I’m just picky.

20            21           22

NINE: DeluxeFX

I love this app for the lighting effects. The only downside is it constraints the photo to a square (just like Instagram).

24                 23

TEN: Afterglow

Also known as one of my favorite apps at the moment. It’s like every photo app you need, rolled into one. You can make simple changes (like Photoshop Express), you can add effects, change the frame, etc. One of my pet peeves with other photo apps is you add an effect and it just ends up being TOO much. With this app you can “fade” the effect so it is less subtle. (Third picture shown is an example of the triangle frames you can use. I further edited this photo with “Blender” to get the final effect)

26           27           36

ELEVEN: Blender

This app is SUPER simple but really cool when you want to layer two different pictures on top of each other. You can also choose what blending mode you want. Some lighten the picture and some darken.

28               29

So now you know!

Happy editing!

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