Ariane Mae

Ariane Mae Pura

Born in Sorsogon City, Philippines

Birthday: October 27, 2002

This is my beautiful sponsor child, Ariane. I found her through a wonderful organization called “Compassion”. There are several programs to choose from but their main focus is providing support to children through a faith-based program. This means that for $38 a month, Ariane will recieve clothing, food, education, and classes/programs for her, as well as her family, to attend that are specifically structured around this program.

I opened the website and her face was the first I saw. She had been waiting 229 days for someone to sponsor her and I wanted to be that person. I’ve never met her and I have only been a part of this program a matter of days now, but she has taught me several things.

All of these excess, materialistic items that I own don’t mean anything. Of course I will always drool over clothes, shoes, and jewlery but I know in the end none of it matters. I think about her when I look at my life and I wonder, “what am I doing”? I have a wonderful job and a chance to go to school and have an awesome career. As far as that goes, I have taken all the right steps and am following the guidelines. But the rest of my life? It’s all excess. Superficial things make us happy but what we don’t realize is that it is only temporary until we find something else to fill yet another void. I don’t want to live like that.

I am utterly grateful for the opportunity to love this child and support her as she grows. I may be providing her with necessities but she is the one that is doing me a favor. She gave me a feeling of selflessness that I have so longed to feel.

This journey will be incredible.


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