Currently Lately

Oh hey! Remember me? Probably not, I’ve been gone awhile. Currently I’ve been taking classes (including a photography class! EEP!), working, studying, and snappin’ photos. Take a look!

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Happy Saturday!


Currently Lately

Currently my life has been jam-packed with school and work and more school. Free time is rare so when it does come along I fill it with the people, places, and things I love the most. (p.s. break is almost here! My heart is happy)

Lately I’ve: 

Visited the coolest music store in Wichita and got my first guitar! (Pics to come)

Gone trailin’

Hanging out with these lovely people. (p.s. SO glad to have my best friend Danielle back in town! This past summer she graduated from basic training for the airforce [which I wrote about here] then went to tech school and now she’s FINALLY back to visit before she is stationed overseas. Not to mention she surprised me by showing up at my house, I had permagrin.)

Baking! I’ve missed it.


Taking and editing photos whenever I can

Sippin’ drinks and having (numerous) study sessions with this really handsome guy I know 😉



My Happy Place:

Awhile ago I was asked to help a friend with a photo project (seen here) and we decided the best location would be the Great Plains Nature Center. It quickly became my absolute favorite place to go. It’s so big and has tons of trails; I don’t follow the path though, it’s more exciting that way. On a cool fall day with all of the colored leaves on the ground, it becomes a pretty peaceful place. I always make sure I have my Canon or my iPhone to shoot some pictures and a journal my friends and I have been working on (but that’s another post). If you haven’t been before I definitely recommend it. Especially before the AWFUL cold weather starts to roll in. Have I mentioned how much I despise cold weather?! If I could skip over Winter every year I would (minus the holidays of course). I usually visit the trails a few times a week to get away from my demanding school and work flow. In fact, a couple of days ago I set out alone to photograph with my Canon (none of which are seen here) and plan to post them later this week.

Happy Exploring!

Fresh Prints

Lately I’ve been obsessed (OBSESSED) with editing photos and layering them to make prints (which is SUPER easy!). Most of the photos I’ve used are not my own. I’ve found them on various websites and layered them with some of my photos to create the final product. Eventually (when I start photographing more) I will use all of my own photos and designs so they will truly be original. A huge (MASSIVE) goal of mine is to sell my prints on I recently made a post (here) showing some of the various prints you can find on their website. These are the prints I’ve worked on so far:

Pictured above is my great grandfather, Joe.

Script shown above are my Grandfather’s poems

Again, most of these photos I’ve found on other websites (Society6; Imgur; Christine’s amazing Tumblr!; and Google of course) and do not claim them as my own


Currently Lately

Currently I’ve been…

Working on some art


Hanging out with these fools (:

Working on more art

Having coffee AND ice cream with my great gal pal Samantha

Going to the Donut Whole (way too much)

Enjoying the Fall changes

Drinking (yummy) green tea bigger than my head!

Gathering Halloween/All year around decorations

Soaking up every bit of this weather before winter


Practicing photography/editing

Longing for bonfires but not colder weather


Currently Lately

Currently I’ve been…

obsessing over these artists

sewing…a lot

discovering my new favorite café

drinking loads of orange juice/grapefuit juice

obsessing over my fur child…but that’s old news

starting my first semester at WSU (and LOVING it!)

loving the art work around this beautiful campus

annnnnd making faces.

Currently Lately

 Lately I’ve been…

Sewing my heart out mending/fixing clothes of mine. My grandma is teaching me her magic and I’m falling in love with it.

Thrifting and managing to find THE coolest vintage sewing machines. Like this portable one.

An antique junky.

Finding portable record players in the miniature.

Laughing a lot.

Finding quirky things that I would totally own.

Playing with different camera lenses.

Adding more to my collections.